Celina Kerves launched her career in retail early on and with over 30 years in the industry, she has loved every moment of her journey.

She navigated her way through various roles across renowned brands including luxury and big box organizations.

For the past five years, she has thrived as a Regional Manager at La Vie en Rose and is excited for this chapter working with such a great Canadian brand.

As a leader, she has been responsible for overseeing the sales teams across Ontario while strategizing and implementing sales initiatives and staffing requirements.

With the constant evolution of the sales landscape and increasing reliance on technology, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in sales management and she has been fortunate to implement new initiatives to improve many organizations.

Celina has a stellar track record, consistently driving revenue growth, expanding market share, and enhancing customer satisfaction. She has a strong ability to develop and execute effective sales strategies and to lead and motivate a team of exceptional managers.