Driving Innovation with a Highly Engaged & Diverse Workforce

April 20, 2023

1:30 pm

- 2:15 pm


Sara Bibb

Head of Human Resources

Bee Happy HR & Marketing Co.

Leigh Mitchell

Inclusive HR Marketer & Educator

Bee Happy HR & Marketing Co.

Building diverse dream teams has never been more critical to your hiring and business needs. Attracting and hiring highly engaged employees drive a company’s success. In this session, Leigh Mitchell and Sara Bibb of Bee Happy HR and Marketing Co. share an action plan to level up inclusivity in your workforce and know how to hire highly engaged employees to drive the success of your retail business. Leigh and Sara will talk about what an ideal candidate avatar is, the difference between job ads and role descriptions, and why diversity is essential in your business needs and how you can level up best practices in your workplace.

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