Creative and Agile: Modern HR Leadership

April 20, 2023

3:55 pm

- 4:25 pm


Kevin Graff RCC

Kevin Graff


Graff Retail

Tanja Fratangeli

Chief People Officer

IKEA Canada

Alex Snelling

Chief People Officer

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

For many years HR leaders have found themselves navigating challenges like optimizing labour costs, meeting recruitment goals, and facilitating learning and development. In moving from crisis mode back to creative and collaborative management, modern leaders are eager to move towards people-centric strategies to create a more dynamic talent and work model. In this session Tanja Fratangeli, Chief People Officer with IKEA Canada and Alex Snelling, Chief People Officer with McDonalds Canada sit down to chat about the new priorities they’re focused on, the role for technology, and the skills sets that are now critical for HR executives.

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