Activating Employee Engagement and Transformation

April 20, 2023

10:20 am

- 11:00 am


Martine Lamoureux

Head of Talent and Culture


Marie-Laurence Godon

Manager of Culture & Engagement


Fil D’Urbano

Chief Leadership and Mindfulness Officer


Creating meaningful programs for improved overall employee wellness has incredible value but how are retailers who have had success and growth ensuring strong, sustainable engagement? In this session, Ardene’s Chief Leadership and Mindfulness Officer, Fil D’Urbano, is joined by two colleagues, Marie-Laurence Godon, CHRP, Manager, Culture and Engagement, and Martine Lamoureux, Head of Talent and Culture, to discuss the implementation of their innovative and strongly adopted mindfulness program. The Ardene team shares how employee feedback has driven success and the impact it has had on engagement and leadership development. Hear actionable tips for developing engaging employee programs to ensure high value and impact and how they monitor and measure success.

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