Cultivating Pride in Retail as a Career

March 22, 2022

1:10 pm

- 1:40 pm


Jackie Ross headshot

Jackie Ross

Founding Partner

JRoss Retail Recruiters

Vicki Bradley

Vicki Bradley

Founder and CEO

Vicki Bradley & Company and WIL Empowered

In the wake of significant culture shifts impacting talent attraction and retention, Canadian retailers want to light the path for a joyful career in retail. Vicki Bradley, executive coach and seasoned retailer, discusses how leaders at all levels can help their teams and prospective talent see the vision for their retail career. Joined by Jackie Ross, Principal, JRoss Retail Recruiters, Jackie and Vicki discuss building a pipeline for top talent, the importance of trust, and the role for corporate team members in the store. In this session, learn actionable tips for how your leadership team can increase engagement by cultivating pride in retail.

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