Stephen specializes in teaching leaders and management professionals about various aspects of interpersonal communication, management skills and leadership development in the workplace. His extensive education experience includes online and live education.
He is an award winning, Adjunct Professor of Organizational Studies at the Schulich School of Business at York University since 2000, where he teaches Organizational Behaviour, Team Development, Human Resource Management and Leadership in the BBA, MBA, Masters of Marketing, Masters of Management and Masters of Artificial Intelligence programs. Stephen has worked with groups and individuals across a broad range of industries Stephen’s casual and affable delivery style immediately puts his participants at ease and sets a unique interactive and engaging tone which has made him a sought after and repeat speaker, educator and coach for numerous organizations across Canada. His style is authentic, provocative, humorous and fun. He holds an M.A. and an Honours B.A. in Psychology.
Additionally, Stephen Friedman is a skilled and recognized executive coach, facilitator and educator of leadership and management skills development, team development, organizational learning and human resource management for numerous organizations and individuals. His experience with in this area spans over 25 years.