Lyne Auclair is an accomplished professional and transformational leader adept at mobilizing and motivating teams. She is on a mission to empower team members to reach their career goals through purposeful, continuous, inclusive and collaborative learning.

With close to two decades of experience in the Organizational Development field, Lyne has acquired deep experience and knowledge in learning, engagement, career management, leadership development and talent acquisition.

As the Director of Learning, Lyne leads Bell’s learning strategy. She is accountable for enterprise compliance training, leadership development as well as Bell U, Bell’s virtual University. Bell U was launched in 2020 under her leadership and has resulted in reskilling hundreds of team members in digital areas including Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Business Intelligence.

Lyne holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialty in work psychology from the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM) as well as a bachelor’s in Science from the University of Montreal. She is also an active member of the cyber security council at Bell. 

Celebrating over 25 years at Bell, she can attest first hand to the immense career development opportunities this company offers when one has the courage to seize them!