Glodean Champion is a Transformational Leader who specializes in personal growth, leadership development, and diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI). She works with individuals and organizations to get to the root cause of culturally based challenges by transforming beliefs, behaviors, and assumptions. Glodean’s unique approach to this centuries-old endeavor is rooted in the practice of engaging with people’s core emotions, cultural competencies, and situational and self-awareness through coaching, training, and workshops. She believes in meeting people “where they are” and leading them where they want (or, possibly, need) to be.

Glodean draws on her extensive background in education, communication, leadership, and process improvement to strengthen teams and organizations. She partners with companies to advise on strategy, leadership development, and create a business case for change that is designed and implemented from the bottom up to ensure adoption. She also offers one-on-one and small-group coaching for leadership and managers on how best to support and serve people of color, either as employees or customers/clients. Glodean strongly believes in the “teach a man to fish” philosophy so that individuals and organizations can continue learning and growing long after her engagement is over.

Glodean also speaks professionally on issues relating to diversity and inclusion. She is exceptionally engaging, funny and passionate, and pulls from her upbringing and the influence of her mother — her first authentic leader – to create stories that connect with her audience. Her approach to delicate subjects is with honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability and she is a master at challenging and captivating audiences of all kinds in a way that forces them to take pause and listen from the heart, something she believes we need more of if we want to make the world a better place.